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Life, Illustrated



Custom Illustration Details

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What is a custom illustration?
A custom illustration is a drawing created to your specifications, tailored to fit your special event or family.  Examples are illustrated wedding maps, family portrait holiday cards, personalized party invitations, etc. You may also see the term “bespoke” used for custom drawings and paintings.

How will my drawing be customized for me?
Once we have agreed to work together, you will complete a personal questionnaire that will tell me all about you, your family, your significant other, and your special occasion. I will also stay in close contact as I work so that your drawing reflects you and the very important memories that your illustration is designed to hold. I want you to feel like your drawing is created especially for you and no one else, because it is!

What medium do you use to create my drawing?
You may choose either pen & ink and watercolor OR colored pencil. View examples of my work in each medium.

How long will the process take?
Time required to complete your drawing depends on the complexity of your illustration, the medium you choose (watercolor or colored pencil), and my current workload. Completion time may be as little as two weeks and as much as six weeks. I will give you a more accurate timeline once I have the details of your project.

What is the process for completing my drawing?
View the process here.

Do I get to keep my drawing?
Yes. Your drawing is yours to keep and display in your home (or wherever you wish). I also provide a low resolution digital file (72dpi, PNG) so you can share your personalized illustration on social media networks and via email. If you plan to have your drawing printed for use as an invitation, card, or other stationery, I will also provide a high resolution (300dpi) JPG, TIFF, or BMP file for the printer of your choice. 

How can my drawing be used?
You may use your drawing for any personal purposes that you wish. Wedding invitations, Save the Dates, party invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, personal stationery, any way you want - I provide the drawing, you provide the purpose!  I can also create custom illustrated maps for weddings, Save the Dates, and special events!
  • Personal Use Only: Digital images, prints, and original artwork may not be licensed or sold for profit or used publicly as the face or logo of a business or public entity. If you are a business, please contact me for information about licensing and usage fees.
  • The artist retains the right to use your drawing for portfolio and promotional purposes.
What size will my drawing be?
Drawings are created to scale based on standard size postcards, invitations, greeting cards, etc. Please let me know how large your printed piece will be so that I can scale your drawing correctly. (Non-standard print sizes and scaling are possible, as well.) Generally, original illustrations are between 8x12 inches and 11x14 inches, depending on print size and scaling requirements.

Will my friends and family recognize me in my drawing?
For illustrations that include people, please note that I am not offering realistic or detailed portraits or drawings. Watercolor and colored pencil drawings that include people will be completed in my illustrative style as demonstrated in the sample gallery. Features such as basic body build, hair and eye color will be based on photos and information provided by the client, but my drawings are not intended to be portraiture.

Pricing & Fine Print

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How much will my drawing cost?
This is a difficult question to address, because each drawing is different in size and detail. However, for standard drawings up to 11x14, the following information applies. Please note that wedding invitation suites, due to the inclusion of multiple elements that will certainly vary based on each client's individual needs, will not follow the pricing below. Please contact me directly to discuss invitation suites.
  • "Life, Illustrated" watercolor drawings begin at $250 (beginning at 5x7 inches)
    • 4 people and/or pets total. Additional people and/or pets may be added for $25 each.
  • "Life, Illustrated" colored pencil drawings require more time and begin at $325 (beginning at 5x7 inches)
    • 4 people and/or pets total. Additional people and/or pets may be added for $25 each.
  • Facebook/Social Media profile illustrations: $50
    • 4x4 inches
    • 2 subjects (2 people, 2 pets, 1 person/1 pet, etc). Additional people and/or pets may be added for $25 each.
  • Most drawings will fit the estimates above, plus additional services and shipping (Large drawings: $12 via FedEx; Facebook profile drawings: No shipping charge via USPS). Final cost will depend on the complexity of your project and any additional services you request. You may submit a request for a custom quote here.
What is included in the price?
  • Two rounds of changes during the sketch phase (see The Process, Start to Finish)
  • Original, unframed watercolor or colored pencil drawing
  • High resolution (300dpi) JPG, TIFF, or BMP file for the printer of your choice
  • Low resolution (72dpi) PNG file for share on social media sites and via email
Do you provide matting and framing?
  • Matting: The prices above do not include a mat for your drawing; however, I am happy to have a standard white mat cut for you for an additional fee (actual fee will depend on size of drawing and intended frame size). Mat can be cut to fit a standard size frame, which makes framing more affordable. Please let me know if you would like this option when we begin discussing your project.
  • Framing: Shipping a framed work is very costly, and when packaging a framed piece it is difficult to ensure safety from damage. For these reasons, I do not offer framing. 
When do I pay for my drawing?
A deposit of 50% is required prior to work beginning on your drawing. The remainder will be invoiced to you via email and is due prior to delivery of your drawing or files.

How will I pay for my drawing?
I will invoice you via PayPal for both the deposit and the final payment. You may make these payments using any debit or credit card. You may also pay for your entire drawing up front if you wish, and I will invoice you accordingly.

What happens if I decide to cancel my order?
If you cancel your order once work has begun, you will be issued a refund minus a $50 cancellation fee and the cost of supplies purchased for your project.

How will my drawing be shipped?
I will ship your finished drawing in a flat, protected parcel via FedEx. A shipping fee of $12 will be included in your final invoice.

Do these prices apply to businesses?
No. The prices quoted here are for private clients only. I am happy to provide a custom quote for businesses in need of illustrated maps or other illustration services. If you are a business owner or representative, please contact me to discuss your project and needs.

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Additional Services

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Can you design the text for my postcard, card, invitation, or other stationery?
You bet! For an additional design fee, Wedding Maps, Save the Dates, Birth Announcements, Holiday Cards, etc. can be set up as postcards (self-mailers) or with invitation text. Postcard/Invitation Design & Set-Up starts at $75 
  • Postcard set-up is completed in Adobe InDesign. The original INDD file (or other format if needed) will be provided for your printer.
Do you provide printing services?
No. At this time, I am unable to provide paper or printing services. My services are for the actual illustration(s) only and postcard/invitation set-up and design, if requested, for an additional fee. However, if you'd like suggestions for online printers (or local printers if you are in Lancaster County, PA), I am happy to share my opinion on those I have used and with whose results I am familiar. There are some very professional printing options online these days.

Do you do smaller illustrations?
Yes. I can provide matching spot illustrations for envelopes, postcard backs, and other items in your project suite if needed. Spot illustrations begin at $75.

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The Process, Start to Finish 

Step One: Client completes a request for a custom quote.
  • Based on your quote request form, I will schedule a 15 minute Client Chat with you via your choice of phone or Skype in order to clarify your wishes.

Step Two: Project Proposal

  • Once I know the specifics of your project and the services that you require, I will submit a proposal to you via email within 48 hours of our meeting.

Step 3: Payment of Deposit

  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, I will email an invoice to you for the required 50% deposit on your drawing.

Step 4: Communication and creation begin

  • Work begins as soon as the deposit is made.
    • You: Complete and submit the personal questionnaire.
    • Me: Begin drawing and submit the following for approval...

1. Rough pencil sketch to communicate my thoughts on composition, inclusion of personal elements, and general atmosphere of drawing. (Round 1 of changes)

2. Polished pencil sketch that includes any changes requested from the rough sketch. (Round 2 of changes)

3. Final pencil sketch submitted for approval.

        • Please note that 2 rounds of changes are included in the cost of your drawing as necessary to make sure that we are on the same page. If changes are required due to the addition of elements or people that were not part of the original project proposal, additional fees will be incurred.

4. Work begins on color.

Step 5: Submission of completed drawing by email (Proof)

Step 6: Invoice for remaining balance submitted via email

Step 7: Shipping of your original drawing and delivery of your digital files

  • Digital files will either be emailed or will be made available to download from a secure site.
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Ready to get started? Request a custom quote! 

Or, if you have more questions, contact me
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